Spray Healse 80 ml, or $2.08 per litre

The 80 ml Healse spray for the car replaces hydro-alcoholic gel with simply tap water and table salt with hydrolysis. 99.99% hand and object disinfectant solution. (Inflammable, non-irritating even in children)
Virucid, bactericidal, leviticide and fungicide (Certifications IN 14476 - EN 13727 - EN 13624)

Economy: 1 bottle and its electric kit - 300 fillings or a price of 2.08

Ecological and non-aggressive - water - salt - no alcohol - all surfaces or skins

3 single sizes: 80ml - 120ml - 400ml

Simple: put water in the bottle, add the dose of table salt, plug in, wait 3 minutes, it's ready!

Port Offered in metropolitan France

49,90 €

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