Nikon rangefinder Coolshot 20

    Gain performance with the 20 COOLSHOT to Nikon, the lightest and most compact in its class laser rangefinder.

    At the touch of a button, the Nikon 20 COOLSHOT calculates the exact distance that separates you from a target given on the fairway or tee.

    And if there is a forest in the background? Simply select the priority mode to the nearest target, which will display the distance that separates you from the nearest subject.
    Get a vision of perfect clarity and remarkably accurate up to 500 m.
    Continuous measurement for 8 seconds tolerate even a slight movement of hands.

    Measuring range: 5 to 500 m
    Compact design, lightweight (approximately 125 g) and ergonomic
    Mode to the nearest target to measure the distance to the closest subject priority
    Continuous measurement for 8 seconds tolerant of slight hand movement
    Display measures of distance in 1 m increments
    Monocular 6 x high quality with multilayer treatment for sharp and bright images
    Long eye relief for visibility, suitable even for wearers of eyeglasses
    Diopter adjustment function
    Resistance to rain: corresponds to the class of protection IEC/JIS 4 (IPX4) (in our test conditions)
    Wide temperature tolerance:-10 ºC to + 50 ºC

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