Frank's collecting golf story

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collector of golf scorecards worldwide more than 30 years

My name is Frank Lebl . I have been playing golf since 1968 as 14 years old boy. Here in Czech Republic were 3 courses to date 1960 Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazně – 18 holes and small 9 holes course – Lisnice – still my home course. On the end of 60 s were opened another 5 courses and golf played about 200 players.

I kept a few cards from this courses. I played my first foreign course after velvet revolution in 1990 and it was course in Germany – Regensburg GC, very nice course. We had played any tournament there and I won a book  » 333 golf courses in Europe « . During years 90 – 92 I played another 4 courses in Germany, so I had my first foreign cards. Also I asked a few friends who represent CR in Europe and worldwide (championships or World cup) and I obtained very interesting cards they were very kindness. Between these cards I got card from golf course Saint-Nom-La Breteche***** -year 1965.

Another my idea was to write to more golf courses in Europe by addresses on my book. I was very lucky when one of my letters received president of GC Palmares – Portugal, member of US golf collector society, collector of scorecards. He gave me about 20 address of his collecting friends from USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Germany. They were lucky too, I sent him their first cards from East Europe. I put in an application to US GCS and I had plenty of friends for exchanging of scorecards. Collecting in US is very popular and they collect plenty of items.

Here in Bohemia I have one friend, he had a small collection and a few years ago he gave me his collection as a present. Many of peoples collect golf items from courses where they played. I have many of donors here in Bohemia and my collection growing up thanks their kindness.
One of my friend had great collections of old hickory clubs balls, books etc. and he make golf museum in clubhouse of Ypsilon G.C

US GCS was founded in 1970 and connected many of golfers who collect plenty of golf items. Here in Europe exist Society of historians and collectors, in the majority of history.
Still all the time I have been collecting with the biggest collector of scorecards Russell from Connecticut – USA -, he has more than 150 000 different cards worldwide. I have more than 76 000 cards from 162 countries.

When we started exchanging cards together, he said me « collecting of scorecards is never-ending job » and I can agree with him !


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Stéphane COUDOUX

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