About us

Golf Stars, created in may 2013, is a company of creation, production, publication and dissemination of print documents and digital for the classification of golf on all media and all media.

We also market services and benefits in the destination of the golf courses and their audience in order to promote french and European golf courses.

Our findings: golfers often use the standard of the stars to describe a course; at the same time, books or editorial themes orchestrate a ranking according to various subjective methods, of which the result has reliability that highlight our « great courses » any good golfer knows… forgetting by definition those who aren’t in the famous « ranking » arbitrary… After a long and expensive study, it proved possible to create a classification fair and sincere golf courses as there is a hotel classification.

Surrounded by 14 renowned experts in their specialties, Golf Stars is born from a simple idea: according to your desires and your criteria of the moment, select your next course or weekend thanks to the detailed classification in 7chapitres with a total of 182 criteria objective and indisputable! 130 new criteria are ready and will be added to the classification of the present course.

It was time to give the floor to all the golf courses, « big and small », to all those left out green nuggets that make our passion in order to promote our wonderful golf park with all, french and European!

Accompanied by ffgolf, the ADGF, the AGREF, PGA and in collaboration with directors and 19 correspondents, we studied and classified the services and facilities of all the golf courses present in the paper guide which you can order on the site. The website free for the registered has a multi criteria search which is updated on a daily basis thanks to the improvements made by the golf courses.

Very soon, we will open the same pattern border Europe (Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal) and then to the long-haul paradise.

Finally, the Club Golf Stars, open to all by subscription (59 euros) offers welcome gifts (the guide, 12 balls and a membership card metal), and gives you access to an increasingly rich offer of services, benefits and prints in the monthly draw. Welcome to the Club!