Britain, the sea, the ocean and 40 golf courses in 2018 !

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The life-giving, beautiful and varied Brittany region offers a rich sample of golf courses at all levels for all budgets. In fact, our friends from across the channel are not wrong for regularly leaving the greens of Normandy for those of Brittany! Let’s see why :

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40 PLACES IN BRITTANY for playing GOLF IN 2018

You have the choice between 23 courses whit more than 18-holes, 14 courses of 9-holes, compact course and 2 practices. You will find 10 golf courses in general at level 4 stars and 13 courses level 4 stars. It should be noted that Brittany is not yet 5 stars… patience, it will be soon enough.

Wish to stay there? Among the 40 sites, is not less than 20 sites that offer accommodation on site (hotel, residency… and even huts in the trees at the estate des Ormes!). Side channels or networks, you will find two leaders: Blue Green with 9 golf courses and Golfy Club network whit their 13 members golf courses. Ugolf offers only two golf courses at the moment.


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Good golf and good trip ! Remember to give us your opinion on golf courses visited in their clubs listings


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