Nikon Coolshot Lite Stabilized

    Nikon Coolshot Lite Stabilized.
    Offered with your purchase: 12 Callaway Chrome Soft 4-piece GolfStars logoed balls and the black Callaway bag towel (75€)

    Featuring the innovative technology of Nikon imaging products, the COOLSHOT LITE STABILIZED (170 grams) stabilizes your vision by reducing hand movements and correcting environmental factors.
    You will easily find your target: just lock the measurement and play.
    The built-in HYPER READ technology offers fast and reliable measurements (about 0.3 seconds), which are easily readable on the OLED screen. Better anticipate your next strike without slowing down your game.

    Choice of slope adjustment
    When practicing for leisure, you can activate ID technology (tilt/declination) to factorize the slope, an essential function for playing on hilly terrain.
    Alternatively, you can use the actual distance indicator LED, which reports compliance during tournaments.

    Understanding the terrain
    Measure accurate distances in real time to trees and other obstacles that may interfere with the single or continuous measurement function.
    The LOCKED ON feature informs you of the distance to the nearest subject, helping you target the flag, not a tree that may be present in the background.

    Weather resistant

    The actual distance indicator LED on the front panel signals to your competitors that the ID technology mode (tilt/declination) is not used, in case slope correction is prohibited.

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