Trickshot & influence in France, Portrait of Arnaud Sérié

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Thousands of followers on Instagram, a website and quality content is what Arnaud SERIE offers today through a number of engaging digital content projects. His goal : Grow Golf and attract the next generation of Golfers with a Fun and playful approach that are the… Trickshots.

What is a Trickshot? It is an unconventional shot of the ball to show off or pot an otherwise impossible ball.
Today this discipline is growing in the golf industry. Moreover, for his activities, Arnaud SERIE has many sponsors: Titleist and FootJoy for the most famous but many others, and his videos are solicited by many Golf courses and Golf Resorts around the world.


3 words to define your game: Nonchalant, Aggressive and Fun
Your strongest advantage: My carelessness
Your biggest pride: Federating a community of thousands of people on Instagram
Your strongest wish for golf in general: Having fun for everyone!
For you and in one word, golf is all about ? : FUN
What you like most about golf: This sport makes me happy and I love to hang out with my friends
What you hate viscerally: Boring people on the course !
What you would like to see change or evolve in the golf industry : Mentalities of people
A tip for golfers: Just Enjoy
Your next big golf project: Organize my own international tournament
Your 3 favorite French courses: Pont Royal 5*****, Golf d’Amiens 3*** and Valescure 3***
Your professional news within 12 months: Federate more and more French Golfers to my community
The adjective that best describes Golf Stars according to you: Innovative

Curriculum of Arnaud SERIE

Age: 31 years
Number of Golf Years: 11 years
Handicap Index: France 3.8 / USA 2.6
You play at least once a month (practice once a week)
Curriculum: Master 2 at IPAG Business School
Business: Finance / Banking
Your hobbies outside golf: Travel / Sport / Krav Maga

Photo Stéphane COUDOUX

Stéphane COUDOUX

After 35 years in the golf medias, I founded GolfStars, a Search Engine that classifies all the Services and Equipment of golf courses, similar to hotels. No first, no last! Independent, objective, honest, and without financial ties to golf courses, GolfStars provides unparalleled assistance in choosing your next destination. European and international development in progress to assist both incoming and outgoing golf ers and travelers.